Many men watch hockey exclusively in the hope of seeing in it a lot of power tricks, fights. We decided to compile for you a list of the 4 most famous tough guys in the history of world hockey.

For those who do not know, the hooligan is a player of the hockey team, whose main task is to eliminate the opponent in any possible way (fight, force, sometimes even by clicking the puck or hitting the stick).

Chris Simon (Canada)

Now the 42-year-old Chris plays the role of a loving father, brings up his 4 children. And quietly forgets about hockey. However, during his turbulent youth, Simon was still that rude. In the NHL draft in 90, Chris was selected in the 2nd round by the Philadelphia Flyers team.

And since then he has firmly taken his place in the ranking. A couple of years, Chris even managed to play in Russia. For “The Knight” (taking part in a memorable fight with the “Vanguard”), for the Moscow “Dynamo” and for “Metallurg” from Novokuznetsk. In the last club he finished his glorious career.

Jeremy Yablonski (Canada)

Another Canadian who left a mark in Russian hockey. He began his career in Edmonton Ice. During the season 98-99, speaking for the “Kooteney Ice”, Jeremy suffered serious head injuries during a fight on the ice, which did not allow him to play for a year and a half. In 2003, Yablonski received the unofficial title of one of the most formidable tough guys of North American hockey. In the same year, after spending only 8 minutes on the court, he fought with Fedoruk from “Philadelphia”, for which he was removed for 5 minutes.

Moreover, Yablonski wanted to test his strength in a duel with Donald Brashir himself, but was refused. Maybe for the better. Arriving in Russia in 2011, Jeremy in his debut match received for a fight 56 ​​minutes penalty.

A little later, he roughly attacked the goalkeeper of the “magnet” Gelashvili, for which he received 5 penalty matches. But do you think this is his adventure over? It was not there. After serving as a disqualification, Jeremy made a massive fight with the players of Riga “Dynamo” and again received 5 penalty matches.

After that, beaten another half of the KHL, the leadership of the federation decided to disqualify Yablonski until the end of the championship. But a little later, missing the fights, Jeremy was returned to the ice, reducing his fine.

Jon Mirasty (Canada)

Also one of the members of the Vityaz gang in 2011. In his first season on a professional level, speaking for the “Tray City American”, took part in 40 fights, having spent 67 matches on the ice. After this, Mirasty wanted to finish with hockey and go to work as a simple guard in a nightclub.

But later signed a contract with the team, “Bakersfield Condor”, in which for 57 games earned 360 minutes penalty. Oh, what kind of guard was lost at that time. In 2007, Jon again decided to finish with hockey and begin to engage in mixed martial arts. And even managed to hold one fight, during which he was knocked out in the first round.

After that, Mirasty finally decided to stay in hockey and signed a trial contract for 25 matches with the club AHL Syracuse Crunch. There he quickly became a favorite of the public, and not even because of his fights. On December 20, 2012, Jon became a participant of the greatest fight in the history of modern hockey: he and Yablonski struck each other for 115 strikes. After that John calmly went to finish the game in Russia.

By the way there he was reunited in the same team with Yablonski. That’s how hockey brings people together and, it would seem, irreconcilable rivals … At two they held so many fights for their club that it becomes terrible for the rest of the hockey players who came under this North American press. Mirasty even managed to blame KHL players for cowardice.

After that, he tried many times to provoke opponents to mass fights, but the judges did not allow him to do this. I remember our fans of the game also because after every fight he always tried to smile.

Darcy Verot (Canada)


The deviation towards fights began with him upon his arrival in Russia. For three incomplete seasons in the “Vityaz” Darcy scored more than 1000 penalty minutes. Too incidentally took part in the famous fight with the “Vanguard”, he was cut in particular with Jaromir Jagr himself.

Also remembered a rude action against the player, “CSKA” Nikita Filatov. At first, Verot hit him on the drumstick with his stick from behind, and then drove his fist into his face. For which he was disqualified for 4 games. However, in the season 11-12, he was already in the same “CSKA”, while at the same time fighting with all the famous tough guy from Russia.

Review: Toronto Maple Leafs vs. New York Rangers

“Toronto Maple Leafs” defeated the “New York Rangers” in a super-productive confrontation, the game in Canada ended with a score of 4: 0.

The opponents scored seven goals already in the first period. Russian defender of “Toronto” Nikita Zaitsev was noted by the goal and the transfer.

In another meeting of the NHL regular season, New York Islanders defeated the Sabers Sabers with a score of 6: 3. The New York Rangers will play with the Maple Leafs.

The captain of the “islanders” John Tavares became the author of the double and one assists. The “Blades” have two goals and one transfer to Evander Kane’s account. Russian striker from New York Nikolai Kulemin did not score points.